In the Department of Defense, a Joint Task Force (JTF) is an ad hoc military formation, typically comprised of both military and civilian organizations, assigned to complete specific missions at home and abroad. A military relationship or life partnership is, in many ways, its own “joint task force” given its own ad hoc relationship with the military. It’s comprised of at least one military partner and one who is typically a civilian who, along with their civilian children and family members, forego the stability and predictability of a typical civilian life to support the military partner throughout their time in service.

JTF Homefront is a podcast featuring strategies for military and civilian partners who want to make the most out of their military service, develop as leaders in their communities, and help each other navigate the adventures of military life.

The JTF Homefront Podcast is hosted by Jamie Muskopf, the civilian spouse of an active duty Navy submariner. Jamie is the SLAY-at-home mom of 3 Navy strong kiddos, a former Navy civilian, multipreneur, storyteller, and knowledge strategist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, a Master of Science in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University, and a Master of Science in Information and Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University in the City of New York.

Jamie’s purpose for hosting this podcast is:

(1) to encourage military couples to address the challenges of military life as a TEAM,
(2) to provide strategies for addressing those challenges, and
(3) to help build a community where discussion is innovative, productive, and, hopefully, influential in shaping how the military sees its spouses and supports couples trying to succeed in life with the military.

The JTF Homefront Ethos

We are Joint Task Force (JTF) Homefront.

We are patriots and partners.

We are difference makers, not dissenters.

We build communities, not barriers.

We are diverse and before we are a gender, a color, a religion, a sexual orientation, or a political ideology, we are human beings, each working to support a stronger armed forces and build a healthy, empowered homefront.

We take ownership of the personal choices we make that affect our selves, our families, and our military partners’ ability to maintain emotional, mental, and physical readiness.

We are intelligent, independent leaders of our families, workplaces, and communities who actively seek to better ourselves and the people and organizations we lead.

We support forward motion within the Department of Defense to:
(1) adopt a framework that recognizes the role of the spouse/partner/significant other of military members as strategically valuable to force sustainment, growth, and personnel readiness; and
(2) initiate innovative changes within family support services that build both military members and their spouses/partners/significant others as leaders in our professional and personal lives.

We employ perspective taking, empathy, compassion, and respect in our support of one another as partners living the military life and in support of the members of our communities.

We stand ready for change and willing to make change happen.

We welcome you graciously and gratefully to our community.

We are ONE TEAM strong.