Episode 001: Welcome Home & The Four Discussion Disciplines


In the Department of Defense, a Joint Task Force (JTF) is an ad hoc military formation, typically comprised of both military and civilian organizations, assigned to complete specific missions at home and abroad. A military relationship or life partnership is, in many ways, its own “joint task force”, comprising of at least one military partner and one who is typically a civilian who, along with their civilian children and family members forego the stability and predictability of an average civilian life to support the military partner throughout their time in service. Together WE are JTF Homefront.

This episode of JTF Homefront introduces listeners to host, Jamie Muskopf, and the three reasons she started the podcast. She also shares the first strategy of the podcast series, Katrina Pugh’s Four Discussion Disciplines, as a way of improving our discourse and how we engage in the JTF Homefront Podcast Community group and in our relationships.

Show Notes:

Purpose for this podcast:
(1) to encourage military couples to address the challenges of military life as a TEAM,
(2) to provide strategies for addressing those challenges, and
(3) to help build a community where discussion is innovative, productive, and, hopefully, influential in shaping how the military sees its spouses and supports couples trying to succeed in life with the military.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Get To Know Your Host, Jamie Muskopf

Strategy for discussions that not only help create community but help members innovate in thought and action, together

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